Need Custom Labels for your Product?


Create stylish product and information labels with Contact Labels

Get more attention with a hot foil image added to your product’s label Your small print run is no problem and will still be personalized and professional

All label types available – adhesive, laminated, standard or custom-made. Based in Auckland, Contact Labels works with clients across New Zealand

Custom labels ensure you have the right information in the right style for your brand

Labels convey important information, but they also need to reflect your brand and, at times, need to make your product stand out. You’ll get more than a fast turnaround and full colour printing for your labels at Contact Labels, with their in-house embellishment printing tools to create a label that’s really worth putting on the product it’s on.

Contact Labels will help you set your product or promotion apart from the others, with a custom label that does more than just share the information on it, but also grabs attention. From address labels to food and drink labels, Contact Labels will give you a competitive price and personalised service.

For stand out the appeal, we recommend full-colour labels. The vibrancy that full-colour printing delivers will make your product’s image really come to life – whether it’s your personal beauty product line or your vineyard’s latest vintage.

Full colour labels are produced with Contact Labels’ state-of-the-art four-colour CMYK equipment (cyan, magenta, yellow, and key – code for black) giving you a fabulous photo-quality finish to even a small print run, using digital technology with high quality inks and paper stocks. We can even make your label highly visible with fluorescence in red, green, yellow, pink and orange, overlaid with your specific message. Or they can add other embellishments like embossing or hot foil stamping that will add to your label’s effect.

If you think your label needs are too small for a professional print job, think again – it might be as simple as an address label to get you started. No matter how small or big your custom label requirements might seem, Contact Labels can produce your adhesive label on rolls or sheets – whether it’s 1 or 50,000.

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All types of adhesive labels ready to be customised for your particular business or product

There are so many types and levels of label to choose from at Contact Labels, so you are sure to find one to suit your needs.

Barcode labels for easy pricing and stock control. Barcode labels can be: printed with your artwork and text numbered consecutively printed on a range of pre-cut sizes or made a custom size to meet your requirements

Let us know what type of bar code you are using, its height, the bar code digits and the bar height to width ratio – and we’ll do the rest. Get in touch with your specs today.

Self-laminating labels – these are a great option for you to tailor-make a hard-wearing label for one-off situations.

Half the label is printed and the other half laminated. You can write your information on the printed half and then use a tear off laminate to place on top. This system is great for products being individually weighed or bundled into specific amounts, and will protect the information from fading, moisture, abrasion, chemicals and other alterations.

Blank labels – a must for any busy office’s stationery store.

Contact Labels stocks a large range of different sizes and shapes, including rolls for use in your own thermal printer and A4 sheets for inkjet or laser printers, and can organise custom sizes for you too.

Get in touch with the shape, size and volume of labels you need, and Contact Labels will sort it for you quickly today.